Salcombe Ferry

13/04/2012 12:21:59
Dave Croft
How much is the Salcombe to East Portlemouth Ferry now? Does anyone remember from last year?

13/04/2012 14:27:48
Andrew M
I reckon the ferry cost is minimal compared to the other drains on the wallet involved in Salcombe week!  If memory serves £1.40 for adults each way but under 5's go free, didn't try a bike or an older child last year.

13/04/2012 16:26:16
Former Whitstable Pro
Believed to be the most expensive ferry in Europe per mile !!

13/04/2012 16:37:16
Mike Anslow
But still cheaper than hiring a motor boat for the Week.

13/04/2012 20:05:18
bikes and older children don't float as well as the ferry.

13/04/2012 21:56:04
Peter Scott
Nor, in my experience, does the Gurn!!

13/04/2012 22:06:16
Its now £1.50!

18/04/2012 15:31:14
Former Whitstable Pro
Just heard that the new owner of Whitestrand has banned weekly bookings for July and August ; only by the hour or the day !

18/04/2012 15:39:06
Richard Battey
Just come off the ferry. It is £1.50 for adults 90p for children.

18/04/2012 16:21:37

19/04/2012 09:01:07
I am not sure but the four ferries to the Isle of Wight are per mile a lot more that the 800 yards at the most in Salcombe, even for a corkhead and the reduced ethnic fares, it is licensed theft. In these times of high inflation some vendors are having a laugh at our expense Post Office included!

19/04/2012 09:09:52
When I was a puppy it was 50 p ence and dogs were free. , it's a bit scary though

19/04/2012 09:57:01
Robert Harris
When we first went to Salcombe in 1963 (and won!) I think it was either 6d i.e. one 40th of £1 or a shilling i.e. a 20th. In those days we hired rowing dinghies, rowing home against a spring ebb tide after a hard race was good for the waistline. While dodging the tide close to the shore there were usually swimmers to watch out for so we didn't decapitate them.


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