Carbon Mast, Combi Trailer and Sails For Sale

11/04/2012 08:58:11
Having just sold my other boat to a chap who is rekitting it I have a few things for sale.

C-Tech Carbon Mast (Ex Chris Lewns 3666) has one repair but sound. Could do with a revarnish, I was going to paint it white. £250

Hallmark Premier Combi Trailer in good working order. £250

2007 P&B Main & Jib. Very Lightly used for maybe a season and a bit for club racing. £125 ono

07957 593148

12/04/2012 08:45:52
Mast and Trailer have both gone. Just the sails...

12/04/2012 18:22:52
Alan Fuller
Jez,   I'm not surprised they have gone. You gave them away.  Second hand combi-trailers are like hens teeth (is that the right saying) or maybe rocking horse droppings!   And the carbon mast at £250.

Obviously the housing market has picked up and you no longer care about money :-)
13/04/2012 08:36:52
Sails gone now too.

Alan, if only! They don't owe me any more than that and they were only sitting around my house/garden/garage so would rather someone got some use from them. This way everyone wins!!

14/04/2012 12:49:33

Everyone wins apart from anyone else who has masts, combis or sails to sell!!


14/04/2012 14:20:54
Unbeleivable, you try to help people out and everyone moans. I would rather the guys who can't afford new stuff get the use of the old stuff I have lying around than decide they simply can't compete and go somewhere else. Maybe if other people asked sensible prices for their old sails there would not be so many sitting on the forsale list! As for the masts, well they are rare enough to hold their value with the odd one being sold cheaply.

14/04/2012 23:34:54
Alex 3556
Don't let a small minority get to you Jeremy.  I think you've got a great attitude towards it.  It's no different to people letting things go on ebay for hardly any money where they've got no further use for them and otherwise would just become junk clutering up the house....

Merlin Rockets are expensive enough as it is so it's nice to be friendly and help others out in the class who dont have bags of money to throw at the sport to keep them keen and slightly more competitive :-)

15/04/2012 11:15:22
Chris J
Jez got the mast from me... I would have been annoyed to see it going for more! :-)
And I let it go cheap, to avoid the grief I had from the other half: "what's that junk doing cluttering up the garden?"

16/04/2012 09:07:04
As I said, Chris they owed me no more than that ;-)


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