Carbon Booms

10/04/2012 13:09:52
What diameter are carbon booms i have some tube kicking about inside diameter is 58mm would this be beefy enough wall thickness is 1.8mm

10/04/2012 19:47:51
Ben 3634
58mm is way too small diameter I'm afraid, if you think of the loads involved from the kicker,mainsheet,clew/outhaul etc when sailing, a boom has a lot of stress on it.

11/04/2012 13:36:03
Tony Lofts
If you're after a carbon boom I've got a superspars one going spare (no issues with it structurally, have a Chipstow one instead). No idea what it's worth but it'd be better on a boat than in my garage.  Drop me an email if you're interested.

MR 3657

12/04/2012 07:30:38
email sent


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