Boat Parking at Salcombe this weekend

30/03/2012 13:17:14
Jayne Morris SYC
The Harbour master has allocated Batson Spaces 275-296 for Merlin Rockets this weekend. Please do not spill over this designated area.

I have also been asked to note that boats are to be clear of the boat park early on Monday morning as a road sweeper has been booked for the annual cleaning operation.

The Estuary is looking good!

30/03/2012 14:31:10
Litter Watcher
Just because road sweeper is going round on Monday this does not mean tape / litter can just be thrown on the floor.

Please be careful and show that Merlin sailors do care.

02/04/2012 16:12:42
We do care but... Picked up the boat this morning from Batson and tidied up some of the crap round our space - water bottles, tape, etc - but there is no where to dump it. Unless I missed it - the nearest bin is up by the loos. It must be worth the club having a word with South Hams Council and suggesting that they add a couple of helpfully positioned bins.  

And before anyone states the obvious that we still shouldn't just throw stuff on the ground - I agree - but it would help get things moving in the right direction if there were some bins for us to use.

Otherwise great weekend - thank you Salcombe.

02/04/2012 17:34:59
There's actually some recycling bins for plastic bottles at the top of the slipway which I think are new


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