Midland Open - Lost Kit

19/03/2012 12:15:08
Ian Mackenzie
If anyone is missing a pair of Gill Hiking Boots after yesterdays open at Midland please email me and I will try to get them back to you as quickly as possible.

19/03/2012 14:56:19
What were the results from the weekend?

19/03/2012 16:53:41
Mike Anslow
Ian,I shall be going to the Club tomorrow and will have a look for your boots.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Results: -
1st Mike and Jane Calvert
2nd Andy Davis and Tom Pygall
3rd Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis

Report being prepared today and will appear on website in next few days together with full results.


19/03/2012 18:26:44
Ian Mackenzie
Poss slight misunderstanding from my post above. I have an extra pair of Gill boots and was trying to see if anyone was missing a pair.

19/03/2012 21:29:55
Rich adams
Ian! I'm missing my boots, size 8? Send me a text on 07738119061

19/03/2012 22:26:11
Mike Anslow
Sorry about the misunderstanding.  Glad the problem seems to be nearly solved.



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