Red Diesel

08/03/2012 21:04:17
Ally Tyler
You may know that there is a major problem re. red diesel (marine diesel) whereby the UK Government proposes to ban its use for all pleasure craft outside UK waters. This means crossing the Channel etc. would be illegal, since only red diesel is available in all UK marinas etc. Conversely it would be illegal for EU yachts to refuel in the UK!

The timescale for objections is short (end of next week) so all yachts persons (and spouses and relations) are recommended to sign the e-petition. Please pass this on to anyone else that might be affected. We need to achieve 100,000 signatories to get the Government's attention.

Please pass on the URL to any other interested yachtsmen, even if they don't currently go abroad. Closing date is late next week!

Please encourage all members, friends, relations etc. to sign up.

Thank you.
08/03/2012 21:50:07
Dave Charlton
If interested please read the RYA website material.  The declaration is being amended and will not prevent you from going abroad except where you fall foul of local (especially Belgian) regulation.  The petition to the government won't fix that - just don't go to Belgium!

At least that is my take on it!


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