Salcombe Week Entry?

07/03/2012 08:45:04
John Reekie
Hello everyone,
I bought a merlin rocket last year and have been looking through the events calendar. My sister lives in Paington so I thought that Salcombe Week might be a good event to do as a family holiday. Having looked online it appears that I am a bit late with this entry. I am new to the class so it would be much appreciated if I could know if it is worth my while even trying to enter this as I don't know the history to it.

Kind regards

John Reekie

07/03/2012 09:00:42
John Murrell

The entry is limited to 100 boats and I believe that there are still a few spaces left - your best bet is to ring Jayne Morris at SYC her phone number is 01548 842593 to get the up to date position.

And yes it's definately the place to be in July!!!

07/03/2012 09:02:24
Contact Jayne Morris via  I think the entry is around 90 so far, with a few spaces still available.

07/03/2012 09:03:07
John you beat me by the speed it takes to make a posting

07/03/2012 09:36:16
88 on the list here.
07/03/2012 10:14:57
Alternatively enter Town Regatta 6th August or Yacht Club Week 12th Auigust, or do both.

07/03/2012 10:52:24
John Reekie
Thanks guys

07/03/2012 11:33:23
Geoff Wright
Just one note of warning Salcombe Merlin Week can be addictive.  Many kids who first went there 20-30 years ago for a 'family holiday' still go every year now as competitors.

07/03/2012 12:25:04
Reference the town and yacht club regattas, I don't think you can enter this in a merlin, unless you are a yacht club member... happy to be proved wrong tho

07/03/2012 12:56:02
You are correct Sophie, but Town Regatta is fine, and a nice family week with Rowing, Swimming, Fireworks and pretty laid back sailing

07/03/2012 13:04:19
Have seen several Merlins in both Town and Yacht Club Regattas.

07/03/2012 19:48:56
Yep, but Yacht Club Regatta Merlins have to be sailed by SYC members

08/03/2012 14:17:54
Tim Fells
Or you can join SYC, do all 3 weeks and get discounted drinking which pretty much pays for the membership when you have a thirsty family like mine

08/03/2012 15:37:54
Former Whitstable Pro
..and many of the competitors 40+ years ago still go there as spectators !


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