Dingy Show Thanks

05/03/2012 15:01:02
Paul Hollis
I would like to thank everyone involved in making the Dingy show the success it was. The stand was full all weekend with the boats attracting a lot of attention from visitors to the show.
The highlight was David Hayes new Winder which is all black taking the Spitfire concourse de elegance trophy for best in show a fantastic result for both David and Winders and the class. In fact the photos were on the Yachts and Yachting website by 6pm on Saturday and overnight there had been over a 1000 hits.
On that note I must thank both Jon Turner and David Hayes for not only loaning their boats for the weekend but staying with them all weekend to talk and demonstrate their pride and joys over and over again.
Thanks to the following for a great weekend
Jon Turner and David Hayes for loaning their boats.
Pat Blake for producing an excellent brochure for the show.
Tim Law allowing use of his videos.
For manning the Stand over the weekend,
Richard Parslow
Ben Hollis
Chris Gould
Chris Martin
James Dawes
Matt Biggs Supplying team shirts at cost for the show team.
Great work thanks everyone.

Paul Hollis

05/03/2012 15:18:02
Richard Saunderson
I have to agree whole heartedly. I thought the stand looked one of the best ever and it was SO good to have the boat owners on hand to answer all those inevitable questions. There was such an atmosphere of positive enthusiasm around the boats. It really made the class look vibrant. Thank you very much to all concerned.

05/03/2012 15:38:10
Richard Parslow
It was great fun! Both Jon and I remarked that we have never enjoyed working at a show so much (or at all really) before this one.  The buoyant mood was definitely because of the attitude of everyone on the stand, as well as all the positive feedback from the visitors, who were genuinely impressed by the boats.  

Lots of old friends from other classes said they had been trying Merlins and had become hooked, so we should be seeing a few new faces around this year...

Congratulations again to David and Johnny for winning Boat of the Show: marvellous for them and a great advertisement for the Merlin Rocket Class as a whole.

05/03/2012 16:26:39
I would echo all that's been said so far - but add that its a real pleasure helping people so enthusiastic about the class. 

3734 boat has already done a seasons worth of pole launching on starboard gybe. (we have the wear marks in the mast lacquer as proof). I'm sure Richard is about to tell me that the JT system doesn't need wear strips????????

05/03/2012 20:39:06
Chairman - lou
Thanks must also go to you too Paul for pulling it all together!

Great effort all round

06/03/2012 08:06:50
Paul Hollis
oop's forgot to add Jonny Radcliff to thanks list for manning the stand all weekend.

10/04/2012 17:32:45
I am happy to confirm that JT's MUSKETEER system ("one for all") does not require wear strips on the mast, boom or helmsman's head.


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