Pathe footage of Merlin no.8 - "grab your slacks and a jumper to get that zest in life" from 1946

04/03/2012 21:23:31
Mark B
Not sure if this has been seen before but it has fabulous footage and commentary!

04/03/2012 23:01:06
8 and another early boat were up for sale a while ago but they're not in the yearbook. Does anyone know if they sold and where they went?

05/03/2012 07:10:06
Chris M
Don't know, thay'd been up for years and i couldn't contact the vendor.

05/03/2012 08:48:59
that is so cool, I need a peaked cap...

05/03/2012 08:53:47
Nigel B
Believe I might know the whereabouts of "Delight" No 8. Will check out with the owner for an update. NB

05/03/2012 10:23:14
Mike Liggett
Robbie Sampson has "Delight" (and also 161).  He asked me to put her on the "For sale" some time ago but I don't think he got a buyer.

05/03/2012 11:23:04
Mark Nicholson
Fabulous! I'm off to buy some furniture polish, for that extra turn of speed!

05/03/2012 12:40:41
Geoff Wright
Perhaps that launch we see near the end is an early version of the race followers at salcombe?

06/03/2012 09:59:03
Robert Harris
I crewed an early Merlin like No. 8 'Delight' at the 1952 Championships in Poole Harbour. She was no. 28 'Gail' that was built in 1946 and still had her original heavy mast cut down to 22ft 6in. She was helmed by Brian Appleton who won 'Cadet Week' that year! 

As lightweight 15 and 16 year old schoolboys we were hopelessly overpowered and I don't think we finished a race. All the other Merlins were overwhelmed by the two Chippendale Proctor boats sailed by Ian Proctor and Dick Vine which were 1st and 2nd overall.

On the same link was a lovely film about the 12 metre 'Sovereign'.

06/03/2012 18:28:38
Nigel B
Robbie indeed owns No 8 'Delight' and she is for sale. Always stored inside as far as I know. Contact details in the year book NB

06/03/2012 19:16:54
not listed in the yearbook I'm afraid; can anyone put me in touch please?

06/03/2012 21:03:03
"UP TO FOURTEEN KNOTS" ?!? Enough to blow your hat off!


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