David Hayes new Merlin Rocket wins Spitfire Premium Ale Concours d'Elegance Trophy

03/03/2012 18:08:11
Chairman - lou
Well done to David Hayes & Winder Boats on winning "stand out boat of the show"!

Stand is looking great with plenty familiar and new faces visiting. Well done to Paul Hollis and his team for doing such a fantastic job.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another successful day


03/03/2012 19:20:47
ben hollis
dinghy show was a success today there are more pics to be found on :

and also
twitter @Merlin_Rocket

well done to all those involved more piccy will follow tomoz

04/03/2012 09:32:18
Ian Mackenzie
Great effort by all concerned. 3735 and Shabazzle looked excellent on the stand and there are 3 other Merlins on show including a restored Mk 9 as a raffle prize. Very worthwhile visit. Many thanks to all involved in getting the stand up and running and in fielding the many enquiries.

04/03/2012 19:00:18
ben hollis
Well done to everyone at the dinghy show great two days for the rockets.
Nice one dad (paul hollis) for keeping it all in order !
Also thanks to craft insure for a nice bit of money !
latest pics on :
twitter @Merlin_Rocket

well done all see you in hamble !

04/03/2012 20:20:40
Just to echo the congratulations on 'best in show', especially with the snazzy RS900 concept skiff in contention. Good breeding always shows through! (or is that Crufts?)

05/03/2012 10:21:29
Keith Callaghan
Congratulations Dave & Co. The boat looked good. I gather that the GP14 was also in contention - fantastic woodwork, though maybe over-egging the pudding?


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