Draycote Dash

21/02/2012 20:52:38
Nick Craig
Just a few of us signed up for the Draycote Dash so far, are there any other takers?


22/02/2012 09:54:46
Mark Barnes
Morning Nick

It may have something to do with the following on the Sail Juice website's Docs.

However, the indication on the Sail Juice fornt page if reading the text in literal sense is that the Dash is still part of the series. Make of it what you will. See you there in the BBBBBBBBB14. Partying in Dunchurch Saturday evening.

3. Eligibility & Entry
a. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they have entered and paid for each of the Series
events in which they intend to participate. Please note that some events are limited to a maximum number
of entries, so early entry is advisable. Failure to enter an event on time is not a grounds for redress.
b. Entry to the Series is free of charge. To enter the Series, competitors must enter at least one event via
the official Series website here: www.sailracer.org/globalwarmup
This will list you as a participant in the Series, and makes you eligible for prizes related to the Series.
c. Entries must comprise the same helm and boat (using the same sail number) throughout the Series. A
different combination of helm and boat will be scored as a separate entry. However, for doublehanded
and triplehanded boats, it is permitted for a helm to race with different crews throughout the Series.
d. The criteria for entry to the five events vary in some cases. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ascertain
whether the kind of boat in which he/she intends to compete is eligible for all the events in the Series.
e. If an event has to be postponed to a later date, due to poor weather conditions or low water levels for
example, it shall still be counted as part of the Series provided the event is re-run before Monday, 20th
February 2012.

23/02/2012 18:25:18
Definately part of the Sail Juice series

23/02/2012 22:14:54
Hi Nick

Agree but the original detail is as above. Should be an interesting showdown with most of the main players still to enter. Breeze looking good for the Merlin and RS400.

Till Saturday

24/02/2012 08:53:55
Mark Barnes
Morning Nick

See you have withdrawn your entry!!


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