2012 Dingy Show

20/02/2012 14:05:03
Paul Hollis
The 2012 Dingy Show is on the 3-4 March at Alexandra Palace in London. We Have two boats on the stand Jon Turners Geni and David Hayes New modified Winder boat. Both have new mods not seen before and the owners will be on the Stand to talk about there boats.
We have produced a give away brochure for the show with a shortened class history,Fixtures list covering all the championships that are run thoughout the year,the secondhand boat list(correct when we went to press)and a list of clubs that sail merlins around the country.
we should also have dvd's playing of variouse races last year also.

I would like to thank bot David & Jon for not only loaning boats but also deliving and collecting them from the show.

And thanks to the team that has come together to setup and man the stand over the 3 days we are there which involved no arm twisting at all.

see at the show.


20/02/2012 15:09:26
Magazines and yearbook plus leaflets are being despatched this friday. Can't wait

20/02/2012 16:05:27
Neither can I!!

20/02/2012 20:18:22
thats not what your son said!.......

02/03/2012 13:28:18
Chairman Lou
At the show you can purchase tickets to win a merlin for just £2!



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