19/02/2012 17:25:32
Chris B
All, please note that I've just been contacted by a known scammer (for one of a few examples see link below) expressing interest in the Merlin I'm selling. 

They're using the email address [email protected] and the name Brian Joseph. Anyway, just a reminder to be careful.
19/02/2012 21:41:03
We were scammed by some low life when we sold our B14..... We clicked almost immediately and then as he was attempting to buy the "item" as he put it....we got scammed by someone else.  They were both using what they referred to as "agents" to buy the "item"....... We were sooooo tempted to put the "agents" in touch with one another thus pretending one of the " agents" was working for us.........and then watch the fun.....or as it would have turned out, one scammer scamming  the other!  But we just couldn't be bothered we ended up ignoring them.  However joking aside this does seem to be one of the pitfalls in selling boats or as Chris says...BE CAREFUL!

Janey ( Crazy Diamond 3510)

19/02/2012 21:45:11
Simple rules apply. If the 'buyer' won't meet you in person, if he wants to use an odd shipping agent, overpay in anyway, or mentions money transfer, DO NOT REPLY!

23/02/2012 09:39:53
Steve Watson
this one tried to buy my centreboard (on MR second hand equipment list.)  Wanted some photos.  Dimensions I could understand, photos seemed unlikely.

23/02/2012 13:00:52
Mike R
On the bright side, when we sold our B14 we were contacted by Tamas from Hungary who asked for more photos. 
He agreed to buy the boat just from the photos.
He said he had bought a Laser 400 from somebody at Weston sc so we checked this and all seemed ok.
Tamas and his partner then drove across europe and arrived at our door with a large wad of cash, some wine and a bottle of rather dubious home brew which I am now using to remove 2 pack varnish very effectively.
We took them out for a meal that evening and they stayed in a B&B overnight and set off back to Hungary with the boat the next day.
Really nice couple and I hope they are enjoying sailing the B.
This looked like a classic scam to start with but if the right questions are asked then selling a boat abroad should not pose any problems.

Mike R 3510.


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