Panatella, The finished article.

13/02/2012 12:40:52
Yes, she is finally finished after a years hard graft and £x later!! That was some experiance and I think I would have been better off buying a kit from Keith for a Hazardous jobbie!

Still, fab result even if I do say so myself!
13/02/2012 12:42:20
OK, So Facebook won't show the pictures. I will try to post them somewhere else!

13/02/2012 12:50:40
Rob H
Well done, you can enjoy the sailing while you now get one of Keiths kits, you certainly have got some really good wood skills now.

13/02/2012 13:13:32
Working now.

Not just yet Rob got another 2 boats waiting for work first! Maybe in a year or two.

13/02/2012 14:43:31
Keith Callaghan
Jeremy, what a fantastic job!
I understand your views re 'restoration' vs 'new build'. Although logic says that the latter is more cost effectibve, there is a special satisfaction to be obtained from the former. I look forward to seeing her on the water.

14/02/2012 07:15:31
Richard Battey

Brilliant job, well done chap.

14/02/2012 10:25:04
Robert Harris
So you've gone modern with all that stringy stuff. She looks great, well done Jeremy

14/02/2012 11:24:23
Jon E
Funny how the really modern bit - i.e. the carbon doesn't spoil or look out of place at all, whereas ally spars would look naff.  You must be busting to get it wet!

14/02/2012 12:32:12
It would have looked a bit sad with Ali so pleased I went to the extra expense of carbon in the end.

I am itching to sail her as I have not stepped foot in this boat for 29 years!! Weather permitting we will be taking the plunge this Sunday at Cookham. Fingers crossed.

14/02/2012 14:58:46
Russ Hopkins
Jeremy I have been following you progress and regularly checking for updates. Congratulations on finishing your project, she looks stunning. Well done and thanks for sharing it.

14/02/2012 15:57:40
I am glad you have all enjoyed following it. Hopefully it will inspire people to get their varnish brushes out and keep these old woodies on the water!

14/02/2012 21:31:39
Jon E
Jeremy, you couldn't say that in Australia without raising a smile....
16/02/2012 10:52:42
Beautiful, a restoration to take extreme pride in.

16/02/2012 21:29:33
John B 2633
Just a little bit disappointed with it Jeremy...... I thought you were going to have a cabin so that you can sleep in her as well! Looks really good! You seem to specialise in repairing old Merlins that once belonged to your dad, now it just so happens that......!

16/02/2012 22:31:25
Admiral Lord Nelson
Jeremy very impressed, theres something very pleasing about restoring frankly beautiful boats. Sapele & carbon simply look right and we all know if it looks that way it usually is.  Enjoy  Barry

20/02/2012 10:16:41
She was launched on Sunday at Cookham in a 15 knot North Westerly and was an absolute joy to sail! There are a few things to iron out now but she took the rig forces without an issue the only big problem being the centreboard not moving in the case!! Alot of fairy liquid got it down and a bit more got it half way back up!! Also sprung a plank and the centreboard case. Nothing major so overall pretty pleased. She is back in the garage now for a bit more work on these things and then back on the water for the start of the season!!


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