03/02/2012 08:57:16
Dan Alsop
For all those of you who intend coming to lovely Lyme for the champs, I do recommend that you sort out your accommodationvery soon(that is if you have not already done so). It seems bookings in general may be up this year in response to the economic woes (less holidays abroad?) 

A friend has a huge house in the town centre which sleeps 16-17. It may be available - try 01296 747121 and mention you were given the number by a friend of Stuarts (don't worry it's not that Stewart!)

Hoping to see at least 66 boats and lots of families for the 66th Champs!



09/02/2012 15:06:38
the gurn
dont understand all the stuart / stewart references - my place on the Cobb will probably be up for grabs if I ever get the lease signed and part with my life savings


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