Stamps in the Transom

02/02/2012 19:55:43
Recently just bought a Merlin and I have just spotted a stamp in the inside of the transom and wasnt sure what it meant.  I know the boat of a Canterbury Tales built by Jon Turner, and the stamp is T4, can anyone enlighten me about this?

02/02/2012 20:40:26
Richard Battey
Hi Paul,

I think T4 is 3478 Terrabyte, my old boat? It's a trade mark/reference number put in by Jon Turner when he built those first FRP Tales. Not sure how far the T numbers go up to, 3513 I think. Nothing to worry about though. Those boats are really good and if that is 3478 then when I had her she was fast but I guess even better now as the previous owner had her hull upgraded to suit the new Mk4 Winders. If Jon reads this thread I am sure he will put me right.



02/02/2012 21:02:37
It certainly is 3478.  Thought it would have something to do with the builder.


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