Creepy Crabs - seriously it's a boat selling website!

19/01/2012 17:45:49
John Murrell
Just come across this one and put She's a Cracker onto it but does anyone know any more about them?
19/01/2012 21:04:44

No idea, but whilst she would be lonely on 'sailbid' as nothing else is listed at the moment, you can list it for free, with a buy it now price. It ranks quite well on google for merlins and still gets visitors even though no 'auctions' are currently live.
20/01/2012 08:56:00
Never Heard of them before although two of my previous boats are on there! Yours and my old Phantom. Your boat is listed as being GRP though John and she is most certainly ply. I hope she finds a nice new home. It may help if you offer to deliver a reasonable distance as you are quite far from alot of the country. Only a suggestion. 

Good luck!

21/01/2012 10:42:19
Michael Hamilton 3493
Yes that phantom was sold a long time ago but through Apollo Duck. Also got my price as well. Creepy Crabs rang me to ask if they could put it on theirs for free. Naturally anything for free is a bonus. I have never used them since and never got any response from anyone from this site.


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