Condemned Merlins need good home!

15/01/2012 08:23:54
Chris M
Received this email today:

We have two abandoned Merlin Rockets in our
dinghy park .As they are taking up valuable space we will have to give
them a Viking funeral unless any of your members would like them. One
is named Rive Love No.788 the other is named Nutshell No.1742 it also
has the initials T B C C on the transom. We are Blue Circle Sailing
Club at Cliff in Kent near Rochester Post Code ME3 7SU.

I have no idea about condition, but i would guess if they were decent they'd be for sale. If anyone wants a project i suggest you contace John directly [email protected]

15/01/2012 09:04:20
Do either of them have a wooden mast for the Merseyside Maritime Museums Merlin??

16/01/2012 20:36:27
Tim Male

18/01/2012 08:44:10
chris B
We are also looking for a wooden mast for Gently - ideal a 25footer.

18/01/2012 09:58:05
Nick Price (214)
788 was at Ranelagh 8 or 9 years ago and was in reasonable condition at that time. Metal mast.

20/02/2012 09:12:22
They are both pretty tragic. However, I've dragged both of them down to our club which has generous ammounts of outdoor boat parking so a reprieve is possible. 
788 is incomplete now and has a large hole in both bottom planks.
1742 has deteriorated around the platecase area but I'm investigating a possible proper repair of that, as most of the boat is otherwise solid.
So no viking funerals just yet at least.....

20/02/2012 11:59:36
Tony Lane
According to the 1997 Year Book the last known owner of 788 (Then named 'Pass in Wind' was M. Fielding and of 1742 'Nutshell' was B.Chidwick both of Broadwater SC.

20/02/2012 22:25:48
Peter Frampton
I think 788 is a Jack Holt design originally owned by Roger Board and based at Ranelagh SC. It was called "Premiere". Perhaps Robert Harris could confirm this.

21/02/2012 13:12:44
I really hope that people do stop abandoning Merlin's as my other half seems to be collecting them!!

Hello Godfrey, remember me - the missus!!

21/02/2012 20:11:46
Robert Harris
Hi Peter. 

Digging deep into my ancient and sometimes failing memory I think you're right. According to the Year Book she's the first of the Jack Holt 'Premiere' design therefore was almost certainly built for that amazing character Roger Board who some of us remember so well.

22/02/2012 21:00:32
Peter Frampton
Thanks Robert. Roger is still alive and drinking in Spain. It bwoulod mbe great if 788 could be preserved in Jack's year.


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