Carbon Mast Varnishing

14/01/2012 13:18:20
Alex3556 aka Princess Fiona
I'm delighted to say that i'm changing my forum name to Alex3556 as i have now purchased my first Merlin, the beautiful 'Make it So'.  Now the only part of her that isn't beautiful is the carbon mast with seriously flakey varnish.  Having searched back through the forum i was going to order some Blakes Hempels Diamond 2-Pack Polyurethane Varnish.  Anyone got any general tips on the best way to apply this?  One thing i wanted to ask is when rubbing away the old varnish, how important is it to get rid of it all.  I dont want to risk damaging the fibres below....

14/01/2012 14:15:24
I should lick the mast clean Alex and smear it on by hand. Or you could get your B***H, Jack to do it!!

Seriously, I did mine a couple of years ago and just rubbed it down gently with wet'n' Dry and brushed the varnish on. You may find it better to paint it white as you will not get the ultra violet rays fading it then. Up to you.

14/01/2012 14:25:38
Congrats on the new ride,I'll probably get told off for this, but I've just done my second one, and SS reccomended a fine wet and dry like 600, but I went a little bit coarser - about 280 - the fine stuff got clogged with all of the loose and very very fine fibres which come off.  Keep them cause they mix well in resin for spot repairs - but mine collected into little pads which looked like wool or cotton, or actually cotton wool come to think of it lol. Anyway, I think the amount I took of the surface was still only microns but it keyed in well.  There was no varnish left on mine, but if there is, and it doesn't fall off while sanding, it will only add to the UV protection.  you probably wont see the edge when the new varnish is on. If you were to get really fussy, give it a couple of coats, let it dry, flat it all back and do a last coat. Think 3 or 4 were what SS reccomended for the UV protection. I used a 1" brush on mine  and at about 8 degrees in the garage (while ago now!)the 2pack dried slow enough to flow into a nice smooth surface. - just dont dollop loads on or it will run/sag. I don't think the masts are as fragile as we believe - you would have to be quite an agressive sander, or use a belt sander to make any significant difference.  Mine haven't snapped since I did it...

15/01/2012 20:45:48
dave hall from rondar suggested that on a K6 carbon mast a light sand and a spray with clear car laquer was the best option, haven't tried it yet but seems an easy alternative to 2 pack

15/01/2012 21:10:40
Chris M
proper two-pack laquer yes. laquer from a rattle no.

It just doesn't have the uv proofing of the proper two pack and i think it'll be a false economy. The painted white masts seem to go very tatty rather quickly and i wouldn't go down that route either. One possibility i have considered is white primer and two pack varnish over the top but haven't done to a whole mast yet. I have done it to the calibration area and it worked well standing up to the knocks.

If/when i redo mine it'll be two pack varnish.

15/01/2012 23:14:08
Alex3556 aka Princess Fiona
I've ordered the 2-pack varnish from my first post now so i'll have a go at it after work this week/at the weekend... :-)

16/01/2012 11:29:32
My white painted Superspar looked a bit tatty, so I applied Feracla rubbing down paste and a lot of elbow grease. Came up a treat with no further work required, except a few touch ins here and there.

16/01/2012 19:57:55
car lacquer is ok in the short term, but as chris says the uv protection is poor does'nt wear to well either,interational 2 pack is very good,it wears well too.

29/01/2012 23:06:35
Admiral Lord Nelson
Hi guys sorry ive been off on the dark side sailing IC/AC's now RS100 (sorry late mid life crisis/bucket list,etc) However I simply used Epifanes single pot poly applied with a 25mm foam brush on the Canoe (Superspar) the advise to use this came from a connection from SP systems.  The finished job left no brush marks, was as good as new when I sold her three years on & cost less than 2 pack 'critical' varnish.
Just a thought. All the best Regards Barry

31/01/2012 11:14:39
You ungrateful sow, After all that I ive done for you.....(sniff) this is the final straw!!! You can run, you can hide, you may change your name  but to me you shall always be Princess Fiona and I beseech you to reconsider your decision If not for me do it for donkey!!! 

Perhaps we should have a forum ballot as to whether this change should be vetoed

and yes i am bored at work


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