Steve Nicholson - entry almost full

12/01/2012 14:03:40
Tim Fells
Anyone thinking of sailing at the Steve Nicholson on Jan 28 needs to move fast as there are only 20 entries left as of today.

Merlin entry looking where all the action will be with Mr Winder and Stewart launching their new steeds and Mr Craig fresh from his Yachtsman of the Year award looking to show his 8th at the Bloody Mary is the start of something big. Taxi, Matt Biggs and Rich Adams will be hoping to show that the Blithfield boys are the best inland teams.

Any more?

12/01/2012 16:39:45
steve ward
1 less now cos weve entered as well, 10 available as of 4.30

see you there


13/01/2012 16:30:17
Tim Fells
All gone

14 Merlins entered - largest 2 man class. 5 of the top 8 teams from the Champs plus the Endeavour winner - not bad!!


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