Wooden rig wanted for museam piece Merlin - can anyone help?

12/01/2012 07:03:25
Chris M
I recieved this email yesterday. I think it's more likely to get a response on here than the wanted section. Please contact Ben directly if you can help,

Hi Chris

I'm a Curator at Merseyside Maritime Museum, part of National Museums Liverpool. We have in our boat collection a Merlin Rocket called Raparre, sail number 376 made in 1953. We are planning to display Raparee in a forthcoming exhibition in April. Would it be possible to place the following advert in the 'wanted' section of your website:

rig and sails wanted for museum display of 1953 Merlin Rocket
Merseyside Maritime Museum are trying to source a 1950's era wooded rig and sails to be displayed with a 1953 Merlin Rocket called Raparre (sail no. 376). The rig needs to consist of of wooden mast and wooden boom with fittings, it could be a broken mast that we could repair. Any old sails, even damaged ones could be used.
Contact Jonathan Carr at 01519228341 or [email protected]

Cheers, Ben

Ben Whittaker
Curator of Port History
National Museums Liverpool
Tel: 0151 478 4401
Fax: 0151 478 4590



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