Centreboard repair

11/01/2012 18:32:45
Chris B
The tip (bottom 3 inches or so) of my Bad Company's board snapped off recently (clean break as the tip was a separate piece epoxied on). Any thoughts on the best person around SW London to repair? The tip is now somewhere around Teddington Lock so beyond my  limited skills to shape a new one.



11/01/2012 19:34:25
David Gates
Roger Gates, based near Windsor, can be contacted on 01753-544906.

11/01/2012 20:12:10
Roger Gates
A better number to get Roger Gates, RGDinghies, on during the day is 07919 156918

14/01/2012 19:14:45
Chris B
Thanks - no idea why I didn't think of Roger in the first place.


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