Lyme Regis Nationals and Child

10/01/2012 17:55:56
I am just starting to look into doing Lyme Regis this year. I may not be able to avoid taking 11 year old daughter with me, which will leave the problem of what to do with her while I go sailing. Just wondered if anyone else was taking children and whether we could buddy up on the where to leave them problem?

11/01/2012 10:39:02
My 12 year old is coming John and I imagine there will be other children as well, you'll be right...

18/01/2012 20:56:53
It is illegal to leave them tethered on the foreshore, so the car is probably the safest and most comfortable place for them while you are afloat.  Remember to crack the windows a bit; it is also advisable to lock the doors but not activate the alarm.  And always make sure they have plenty of water.

25/01/2012 14:08:38
Mrs Tosh
I'll be there with my three, happy to help out.

26/01/2012 11:27:33
I spotted that the 12s run some sort of kids club at certain events. I wonder if we could all easily coordinate a casual 'thing' where no individual is, for want of a better word 'lumbered'. It is a hols for everyone. Thinking hats on.

27/01/2012 10:49:09
Start em early
In the front of the boat, hiking... never too young to crew a Merlin!

27/01/2012 11:17:39
Ben 3634
The problem with organising kids clubs of course, is the legality of carers nowadays. The comitee have discussed this in the past, but this has always been the stumbling block.

27/01/2012 14:22:10
Dan Alsop
I'm afraid the club will not want to arrange anything formal because of the liability issue, but I understand the gestapo are now more relaxed where people are looking after others' children on a voluntary basis.  The beach at Lyme is ideal for children and 
very close to the clubhouse, making shift changes straightforward if you get a group together.

Cheers, Dan Alsop

27/01/2012 23:01:37
Thanks for input, will catch up at opens in the coming season


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