Another Olympian

09/01/2012 08:47:20
Another Merlin Rocket Olympian!
09/01/2012 09:13:23
Measurement Man
Fantastic news, well done Stu.


09/01/2012 09:17:09
Olly Turner
Come on Stu!!!

09/01/2012 09:20:45
Andrew M
And to top it off an interview this morning on the Today programme!  Well done, good luck for the event itself

09/01/2012 09:53:20
Steve Watson
Come Stu,
what was the BBC Radio 4 breakfast like?

09/01/2012 10:24:04
Chairman Lou
Fantastic news, well done Stu! Lou & Mark x

09/01/2012 11:41:27
also on BBC.

Well done Stu!!
09/01/2012 19:21:35
nick hegie (boris)
Well what can I say!! Stuart started crewing for me when he was only 12 years old in "Fat Boy Slim" (stu's idea for the name by the way!!)Even at that age it was clear he was a talented sailor and even got me to the front of the merlin fleet for the years he crewed for me (I soon slipped down the fleet when he sacked me).I am so pleased and proud for stu and hollingworth lake sailing club who he has always made reference to and sailed under in all the events he has entered and won!
So good luck lads!!Bring that Gold medal up to hollingworth lake!!

09/01/2012 20:47:01
Ben hollis
Well done stu !!! Back of the net!

10/01/2012 01:17:54
Paul Davies
Nick (aka Boris) was, as always, a true gentleman and lent me young "Bithell" many years ago to win the Shoreham Silver Tiller.  I am very pleased for you Stuart even though you need to improve your pool playing skills!!
PS Boris please email me.

10/01/2012 08:05:24
Hollys mum
You've come a long way since Tasmania 2003..........very proud to have any link with you however tenuous!!
Well done, go fly the flag for Britain again. :)

11/01/2012 16:02:04
Paul Hollis
Well done Stu you deserve it.

11/01/2012 19:56:23
Stuart Bithell
Hello guys, thanks for all the comments, I have read them all. I am so happy to see people are genuinely pleased for myself and Luke. The merlin fleet has definately played a huge part in developing my sailing skills and thanks to Boris, life skills too. Don't get me wrong though, the merlin nationals is still the outcome regatta of the year........

11/01/2012 20:35:26
well done stu, super lad with a super talent,one of the nicest young men in sailing,good luck,we're all rootin for you!!liese jack &phil

12/01/2012 11:38:08
Simon B
Absolutely brilliant Stu. Very very impressed. Would you believe it, I've even got tickets to watch the 470 Medal Race - you will have already won it by then though!

Brilliant job.


12/01/2012 15:35:29
Richard Whit
Life skills from Boris, now there's a thought!


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