Membership and the Yearbook

06/01/2012 17:29:25
Just a heads up to all of those people who have not yet sent in their membership forms to Colin. Next week Colin will be sending me a list of members and their boats for inclusion in the yearbook. It therfore stands to reason that if you have not sent in your forms with your latest information it will not be correct in the yearbook.

Send it to Colin by/on Monday first class and your correct details will make it in to the book.

Thanks for your help. I am trying to make this book the best and most upto date yearbook ever!!


06/01/2012 20:05:36
Princess Fiona
Will post mine as soon as i can after i arrive home with boat :-)

07/01/2012 07:48:46

How about give you the data Tuesday to allow for weekend post to get to sunny Watford

Incidentally Watford are currently playing Brazilian type football I fear for poor Bradford in the cup today. Cmon you hornets

07/01/2012 09:22:16
Colin, I was thinking wednesday/thursday to allow mondays post to reach you and make your list. You can update me wednesday at the meeting.

07/01/2012 16:30:47
Ok will do

14/01/2012 09:35:27
Where is the form and can I just pay on line?

14/01/2012 10:25:02
found it

18/01/2012 22:16:57
Hey good luck with that most correct YB ever Jeremy ;)


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