The end of sailing at Thames Sailing Club.... follow up

05/01/2012 10:46:19
Melanie Hardman (1920)
Morning All, 

For those who expressed interest and also put in objection letters (thank you). The Surbiton Planning Sub-Committee will be meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th January 2012 in the School Hall at Dysart School, 190 Ewell Road, Tolworth, KT6 6HL to consider Hydro Properties' application to redevelop the Surbiton Filter Beds.

Thames SC and River Thames Sports Alliance representatives will be attending the meeting to address the sub-committee. We need as many people as possible to attend the meeting to show support, to illustrate the high level of opposition to the proposals and to ensure that Councillors act to safeguard the future of river sports on the Thames.

Could you post a reply if you are able to attend.

Thank you so much.


05/01/2012 13:13:02
the gurn
Mel - note that we have a sailing comittee meeting - I might change it to Tuesday

05/01/2012 15:07:20
Mel is there anything those that cannot attend can do to register their objection at the meeting?  thanks

05/01/2012 19:26:57
Melanie Hardman
I don't think so :-( I'll check and post back if different

05/01/2012 19:27:21
Melanie Hardman
The RTSA has a facebook page too now:
06/01/2012 15:30:55
Derik Palmer
I think I could fit that into my busy schedule...:-)

11/01/2012 17:19:20
Nick Price (214)
I plan to be there tonight. Good luck,

13/01/2012 09:04:02
Melanie Hardman (1920)
Nice article in the Surrey Comet today about the committee meeting on Wednesday:
13/01/2012 18:14:05
Jim C
Just had a letter from Kingston BC, inviting comments on amended plans and additional information, and requesting comments by Thurs 26th of Jan, but saying that the application will be considered on 11th Jan and 25Jan by RBK committees!

15/01/2012 13:28:17
Melanie Hardman
I've heard the same from others; I haven't had anything from them yet!

There is ANOTHER sub committee meeting this week: Kingston Neighbourhood Committee on Wed 18th Jan at 7.30pm at the Guildhall, Kingston. Best be there for 7.15, last week was rammed packed full. If you can attend and show support that would be marvellous.

Papers for the meeting are below.
17/01/2012 19:45:12
Jim C
just received *another* letter which states that the Dev Control committee meeting planned for the 25th Jan will not be considering the filter beds application. Instead there's be a special meeting, provisionally 23rd feb, which they'll confirm in writing nearer the time.

02/02/2012 13:04:19
Why wasn't Thames Sailing Club included in the RYA nominations for "Club of the Year"? Maybe we should have a list of "National Authorities of the Year".. Where would the RYA come in that?


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