Silver Tiller records

04/01/2012 17:43:49
Peter Male (PJM)
I am refurbishing the Blithfield GKN Silver Tiller Trophy. 
Unfortunately the plaque to record the winners in 1977 is missing.
Does anyone have a record for that year? It has been suggested to me that a Year Book / Magazine for 1977 / 1978 may record the information.

04/01/2012 20:21:16
Mike Liggett
The 1978 Year Book records the winner on 19 March 1977 as P. King in "Mischief Maker" 2578.

04/01/2012 20:48:51
Peter Scott
and modesty forbids me from saying who was crewing..... well the Satisfaction was a weight carrier!!

04/01/2012 22:06:21
Peter Male (PJM)
Many thanks to Mike and Peter. I am delighted that I can now fill the gap. - off to engravers tomorrow.

05/01/2012 09:44:53
Mike Liggett
With some further research I can also give you 2nd & 3rd places. These are Paddy Atkinson (Bolton SC) "Special Brew" 2847 and Kevin Haynes (Nottingham SC) "Phantom Rider" 2398 respectively.

05/01/2012 12:36:51
Peter Male (PJM)
Many thanks.

P Atkinson & K Haynes have their names on the trophy for few years in the 1970's but it is quite a number of years before P King is recorded again. He then gets in to the 'grove'.


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