Transom main

04/01/2012 16:33:08
3372 has no thwart, so fitting a squatre hoop could be difficult. It did have a round top hoop, but when I got the boat it had broken away from the case.
The easy option would be to fit a split transom main leading through the boom to the centre of the boat.(Refitting the ally hoop).

If I try to fit a Square hoop, do I go for carbon or S/S, both come out at £40 for materials.

04/01/2012 19:35:56
Chris I
Surely the pricey bit of the hoop is the traveller, cleats, blocks..?
Mine has a surprising number of blocks, and they all need to be fairly good ones.
If the boat is down to weight with a chunky stainless hoop, why use carbon?
'Because I can't weld' is a good answer.

04/01/2012 20:24:05
Peter Scott
If you are considering the split mainsheet at the transom there is no need for the hoop in the middle of the boat -  a swivel jammer located on top of  the centrebaord case is all that is required - unless of course you are looking for something to hang on to when gybing!

05/01/2012 20:52:03
Hi Chris, Peter, I have the traveller etc. Looks like the best op. is to try the split main with out a hoop. I thought the might be a problem tacking the tiller ext. I know Steve Leaney put a flexable end on his tiller ext. 
We sail on a small pond and a narrow river, so lots of short tack.

06/01/2012 10:59:03
Andrew M
If you have a split transom main there are 2 issues you have to sort out.  You need a tiller extension that will go through the space without fouling the mainsheet tail - longer tiller & shorter extension ideally.  The mainsheet tails can catch on the transom corners if you attach the sheeting point right on the end of the transom, which when you are setting it up always looks the logical neat and tidy place to put an attachment.  Better vertically below the end of the boom & a few inches forward of the transom.  Once done, you have a system that does not need any adjustment after the tack, ideal for a pond.  It's gybing, particularly in light winds with a slack mainsheet when you can get it caught up.

06/01/2012 12:26:51
I have done away with the hoop top traveller altogether on my river boat and have an old school round top hoop. I find that by the time I have pulled the traveller to windward on the river it is time to tack again. I decided the the advantage did not outweigh the delay in centering the boom time and time again. 
You can always have a strop in the centre of the boat? I had one in my last smokers and that worked very well.


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