Winder Shaped Christmas Presents??

26/12/2011 20:51:10
Princess Fiona
So did Santa bring anyone a nice new winder freeing up an older one looking for a new home??  Potentially interested in a competitive plastic merlin (Winder or Full Force) for around £4-6k??  Time for me to get back on the circuit incharge for once rather than nursing Shrek around Salcombe harbour....

27/12/2011 01:32:10
Hywel jnr
Possibly slightly above your price range but there is definitely a deal to be made/had on ticket to ride. Full forces take on a plastic let it ride.

27/12/2011 11:00:30
Princess Fiona
Yea unfortunately i can't stretch that far on the budget unless the price is VERY negotiable... :-P

27/12/2011 12:35:50
Hywel jnr
It never hurts to make a phone call.

27/12/2011 14:16:36
Chris I
What are the pro's and con's of the Ticket to Ride vs a Winder?

I coud be interested, don't suppose a part ex on a Turner Tales is going to work....
The price is more than I was thinking of, but then it's a much newer boat than I had in mind.
Chris 3442

27/12/2011 16:37:17
Princess Fiona
This is quite true.  So if you are willing to drop the price down to £6k then send me an email and i will arrange to come visit as that would be a bargain...

27/12/2011 17:32:12
Shawn the Sheep
Intrigued by Princess Fiona nursing Shrek around the track ... might be quieter

27/12/2011 19:50:43
Princess Fiona
I will always happily crew for my dear Shrek but after 12 years crewing in my favourite type of vessel it's time to have a go at the stick end.... :-)

28/12/2011 00:29:42
Hywel jnr
The winder boats are a fantastic all round package.
Ticket was the evolution of the very successful full force easy roller design. It has a dropped bow like the winder 4 but a flatter aft section than the easy roller for increased off wind capabilities.

28/12/2011 11:40:09
Shawn the Sheep
Sorry Princess Fiona, I mistook you for those other favorite plastacine characters who are also looking for a Winder Tales to sail at Salcombe!


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