Occasional merlin sailors lead 49er Worlds

15/12/2011 13:22:14
Measurement Man
Pinky and Rick Peacock, both of whom have joined us for merlin sailing on occasion are current leaders of the 49er worlds in Perth.

Think them good luck everyone!


16/12/2011 09:17:33
Mark Barnes
You forgot to mention it is a little closer to home than just an occasional Merlin sailor. Great news for the boys, but Nathan and Co are closing in. Shame Steve and Ben are not there still, as it would add that extra little bit to the dynamics of the week. Hope they pull it off.
Bye for now

16/12/2011 10:40:56
Exciting stuff + has the 49er olympic selection been announced yet?
(Hopefully Pinky won't get media rage ...)


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