Is Melin Rocket 1446 still around?

29/11/2011 09:27:06
Kevin Sneddon
I used to own 1446 back in the early '80s. She was then called Arabella and was sailed by my brother and I at Chasewater in Staffordshire. When sold to raise cash to replace a car she went to Blithfield and was sailed by someone called Bracewell. He had an argument with the dam wall and the last I saw of it was in his garage stripped down ready for varnishing. Think it was a mark IX by Chippendale. Any information please. Thanks

03/12/2011 07:33:31
Chris M
She certainly isn't at Blithfield any more.

I have very vaugue recollection of my first ever visit to the club (To pick up a customers boat, this would have been about 14 years ago) of an old narrow Merlin sitting out with no cover in a very sorry state. I owned 1846 at the time and did look at the number, i cant remember exactly what it was but i'm sure it was a 14xx.

03/12/2011 10:50:32
Tony Lane
1447 Arabella was built by Chippendales probably in 1962 for G S Welch at Lenchford SC. She was a Proctor Mk X11 design. 
The 1993 Year Book records the next owner after K A Sneddon as R Bracewell at Blithfield. He doesn't appear to have joined the MROA and I regret there is no record of any further owners.

03/12/2011 14:31:20
Kevin Sneddon
Again thank you Tony for the details of 1447. Time plays tricks and indeed we did own 1447 Arabella not 1446. I'm sure we sold 1447 to R Bracewell in 1982/83 whilst I was at college and we probably did not cancel membership to the Merlin Association or give details of the sale at the time. She was a lovely boat and we really enjoyed sailing her. We were not that good and often just made up the numbers but just occasionally we surprised ourselves, especially in lighter winds, and secured a reasonable result. One thing I do remember  when we bought 1447 she came with an unusual radial cut main sail. I will try to get in touch with Robbie Bracewell who used to live not far from me and see if he has any information. I guess it's quite possible that 1447 eventually went the way of many and was broken up for fire wood!

04/12/2011 10:34:28
Tony Lane
I am very sorry but I made a mistake in my earlier posting. 'Arabella' was the name of 1446 and not 1447 which was called 'Wozo'. Apologies.

04/12/2011 20:24:44
Kevin Sneddon
Thanks Tony, it's good to know the old grey matter is not giving up after all. My brother will be pleased as we had a dispute over the number and he stood his ground that it was 1446. I owe him a pint I think! Your help tracking down information about Arabella has been apreciated. It's nice to know who the first owner was and the corrected design details.

05/12/2011 08:31:20
Ben 1477
Just for the record ! 1447 is a Proc 12, owned by Nick Hoskins and sails, very well, at Thames SC. 


05/12/2011 11:57:12
Nick Hoskins
Re: 1447 - I bought Wozzo off e-bay from a member of the Midland Sailing Club in circa 2007. Some time later I enquired regarding her history and was sent the following: Merlin Rocket 1147 "Wozzo" is an Ian Procter Mk 12 design, built by Bob Hoare in 1962.

She was owned by Alan Willetts since before I can remember in 1966, sailed regularly by Alan, crewed by his wife and then more recently by his son Ian who sold Wozzo a couple of years ago when Allen died. The current owner does not appear to be a member of the M/R Association, as the boat is not listed under "List of Members by Boat Number" Mike Colles Midland Sailing Club(April 2008)

Wozzo is in good condition (excluding 2 broken planks amidships which I am hoping Laurie Smart will repair. She is still sailed regularly at Thames Sailing Club, Surbiton where I started sailing in 1956 in No 200 with my father.


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