Merlin magazine distribution and membership

28/11/2011 12:43:15
hi all

mailing list for the upcoming magazine going out to the distributors, please let membership sec know of any changes to addresses, any changes for yearbook would be good to new boats etc

also any new members remember you now get your 2012 membership included

hope you all enjoy the mag over the festive period, Pat has only just sent to printers so wil be a wee while yet

woof woof, im getting a new bed for the back of the car for xmas and a bone

28/11/2011 22:11:58
Rich Adams
I've sent off a renewal recently (after some time out) but have had nothing in the post yet, has it not been recieved? I f not i'll try again.....

29/11/2011 08:42:02
Hi rich

Have moved address

It's 49 woodland drive. Watford wd17 3by. Rich can you confirm your current address and I will add it to distribution later but could you send a new form. This is defo my last move for next 5 years anyway

29/11/2011 12:40:19
Rich Adams
Yeah sure, its 443 halesowen road, halesowen, b64 7jd, i'll send it again, cheers!

11/12/2011 18:07:05
Hi rich

Haven't seen your form come though




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