Salcombe 2012 Entry Form

14/11/2011 16:16:03
Mrs Tosh
Please click on the link below for your entry form for 2012 and get them making their way to Sunny Salcombe!
02/12/2011 19:46:39
Did the draw take place yesterday? How many entries had been submitted? Is there a reserve list? Is there an entry list?

02/12/2011 20:25:33
I rang the SYC office this afternoon - no reply. -  I guess we are all in the dark until at least Monday.

03/12/2011 10:20:46
Rumor has it we are below the 100 entry threshold as of 1st December hence no draw required, if you've sent your entry then you're in.

05/12/2011 12:30:09
Chairman Lou
Today I received the following link for a list of the entries for Salcombe Week as of today. There is still room for a few more!
06/12/2011 14:09:06
Geoff Wright
Noting how we shuffled up the numbers list by buying a newer boat and having previously had a boat that has been every year and also another named (not by me) "Never Been to Salcombe" I started wondering what is the oldest boat that has always been to Salcombe ie every year since it was new.  Maybe Gangsta? Anyone know?

07/12/2011 12:15:49
Andrew M
3291 Paranoia?

That would be hard to beat.

07/12/2011 13:56:17
Passing cloud surely.

07/12/2011 18:58:17
Andrew M
Missing in 2001

04/01/2012 18:27:57
Princess Fiona
Does anyone know if Salcombe places are still available?? :-)

05/01/2012 08:57:51
Andrew M
My count makes it 71 with 2 Duncan Bells (& Jilly Blake crewing in 2 boats) so yes.

05/01/2012 10:08:52
Princess Fiona
Yea i looked at the entry list and only counted 70 something and wondered if it was incorrect.  Can't remember the last time Salcombe wasn't an instant sell out.  Look's like I should still be able to enter then, just need to find some accomodation for me and crew....

05/01/2012 10:27:07
Best get a shift on with that Alex! Last year the entry was a bit slow too but got over subscribed in the end. Have you found a boat yet? My NSM IV is still available just got to fit the carben rig and repaint it yet.

05/01/2012 10:27:41
Carbon. How did I get that wrong?!?!

05/01/2012 14:24:58
Princess Fiona
Yea should have a boat on Sunday if all goes to plan i'll then get the salcombe entry in asap.  Don't suppose you have any spare room in your house/want to save some money at salcombe by letting me and jack stay?? :-)

05/01/2012 15:07:15
I am afraid there is not really space for four adults in our little house. Make sure you call me when you have got it!! Are you going to be at the club on Sunday? I may well be there sorting Dena's Solo and fettling Blue Velvet at lunch time.

05/01/2012 22:32:17
Princess Fiona
Fair enough mate.  My plan is to be back with the boat in time for the prize giving though unlikely to make all the AGM.  So you and everyone else can have a good ganders then... :-P

06/01/2012 08:51:16
You must be gutted to be missing the AGM!!

06/01/2012 10:08:43
Princess Fiona
Oh yes. Of course.  Means Richard definately cant have one last session of trying to persuade me to be vice commodore...


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