Help buying a boat

14/11/2011 09:58:57
We have a new member who is looking to start sailing Merlins

he has a budget of £1000 and was looking at one on ebay number 3385 , does anyone know anything about this boat

also does anybody know of any other alternatives at that price range

woof woof

14/11/2011 13:25:16
I have 3381, seventh wave, also built by Jon Turner.  It is a fabulous boat, built by a master builder.  

If 3385 is in good condition it is a real steal!

14/11/2011 18:49:20
In remember blackadder when baldrick says that the Spanish infantas eyes were as blue as the blue stone of galvestone. Only to find baldric had seen neither

It's the 1000 price tag that's a bit worrying

15/11/2011 09:08:18
Someone bought it. It went for £855 which is about right I think for a decent Turner NSM4.

15/11/2011 11:17:27
Does anybody know any other boats at that price range which are reasonable

15/11/2011 12:18:49
Ask him to have a word with Godfrey Clark about 3484. I know the price tag is a bit higher than the stated £1000, but it is a cracking boat and a Canterbury Tales at that!

15/11/2011 14:01:23
Ok thanks will do

15/11/2011 17:19:09
I am always surprised how few NSM2's there are on the for sale board. There must be dozens out there somewherelooking for a good home!


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