Boat History and sails

14/11/2011 08:48:49
Bob Teagles
Hi,I recently purchased 3085 "Moonshine" and, being new to the class and the Association,wondered if anyone can help with its history.Second I would like to buy another suit of sails including a full sized spiniker but have a limited budget so if anyone can help that would be great.Finally, I would like to put on record my thanks to Richard Turner for all his patience and help with endless questions.Also to Dave Fowler for giving generously of his time and knowledge to help me get the boat set up roughly for the water.Sadly my joy was short lived as a minor accident to the gunwhale meant we could only finish one race but, no disgrace as we finished 9th and beat a couple of faster boats so a good day.Look forward to replies B.Teagles

14/11/2011 10:08:18
Mike Liggett
This Boat a Hooligan design was built by Roswell Bros. in 1977. The first owner was W.Pratt of Kingston and she was at Queen Mary SC.  By 1979 she was owned by a Mrs Norman & was based at Harlow SC. In 1987 she was owned by A Broadbent at Wembley SC. and this is the last recorded owner.

14/11/2011 11:36:56
Mike Liggett
Woops! Must get some stronger glasses. "Moonshine" is a Phil Morrison Summer Wine design.

16/11/2011 13:01:18
Jon E
First Merlin I sailed in - guess that doesn't count as "history" :)

I assume Richard's put you in touch with Tim?

16/11/2011 13:31:33
It was a Banbury boat for a long while, I'll nudge Tim to make contact,

16/11/2011 21:25:34
Tim Bury
I bought Moonshine from Alan Broadbent at Wembley SC in 1998 or 99. According to the registration certificate it appears that he had owned her from 1987. I still have that certificate, if it's of interest please email me.

17/11/2011 16:51:12
Bob Teagles
Thanks to all who have contacted me to date its all great info.Look forward to anyone else who can fit a few more pieces to the jigsaw in order to get the whole picture.3085 presently with Phil Scott for some much needed TLC but will be back on the water better and stronger if Phil has anything to do with it.Will keep you posted Bob Teagles


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