very sad news

13/11/2011 19:04:53
Graham Scroggie
Very sad news has come through over night that Alistair Evans has been involved in a fatal helicopter accident losing his life with a colleague in Majorca. Alistair was one of the Merlin enthusiasts when we first joined Parkstone in the early nineties and was one of the leaders that we trained against in our run up to our championship win. In fact he was right up there at the end in a position to win it himself. Apart from always having lovely equipment (the beautiful Heaven Sent)he was an extremenly talented sailor.It was however his enthusiasm that struck one and that was for many things in life. An example was after the Abersoch championships where he led the rush of Parkstone members to get back to Poole in time for the afternoon race.A gruelling journey especially as it was pre most of the motorways.
Laterly he has had a love affair with X boats, relishing the closeness of the racing. Whenever we met we always had a banter him saying that it would only be a matter of time before I joined him. He will be sadly missed.Graham Scroggie

13/11/2011 19:45:50
Chipleyshed Essex
Remember Alistair a brill bloke full of enthusiasm, loved his Merlin sailing and his boat, another sad day

13/11/2011 23:20:27
Bob OToole
A very sad loss! I had the privilege of crewing for Alistair in the original Canterbury Tales and then in Heaven Sent.  Alistair was firstly a pleasure to crew for... but he was also an exceptional racer!  Graham has already related how close he came to winning the 1993 championship at Weymouth. My sincere condolences to all his family.

14/11/2011 13:22:14
Thanks for letting us know Graham - as you and Jacko say, a very sad loss of someone who loved life, loved his saling and was always so enthusiatic about everything. Although I hadn't seen him for several years, he always had a cheery smile/cheeky grin whenever you met him - a lovely bloke who will be sadly missed.  Our thoughts are with his all family at this time.


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