Square hoops available

06/11/2011 07:29:59
I've just received this email:-

"Hi Chris,

Scorpions haven't used square hoops for a while now, so I have two spare in
my garage. Someone posted a need-a-hoop ad on our forum recently, so I
replied, and eventually dug them out, took pics and measurements, emailed
the details, . . . and never heard another word.

I've no idea if they'd fit a Merlin, but if they would, and anyone needs one
they're available - price negotiable but cheap. If you think it's worth it
would you put an ad on your site for me please.

Pics are attached and I've left the full text of my reply to the original
forum-poster below.




We had the hoops made for 1799 and 1834, both Stewart boats, but 1834 had
thwarts which sloped down from the centrecase to the sidetanks, while 1799
had thwarts horizontal right across. For that reason the brackets on the
hoops (which fasten it to the under-side of the thwart) are at different
heights from the floor.

Otherwise, both hoops were the same, but one has had the cleats and blocks
for the control system removed (probably used for something else). The tube
and all the bits are stainless steel.

If you look at the hoop2a pic first:
The mainsheet block attaches to the shackle at the top centre, and can be
hauled to windward using the purchase system (blue rope) which self cleats
on the hoop itself (the hoop has flanges welded to it to carry the cleats).
This hoop has ball bearing wire blocks at the corners, two cleats, and four
other ball bearing blocks and two bullseyes for the control lines. At the
bottom, the tube is flattened and drilled - and was bolted through wooden
blocks on the floor. The brackets are welded to the tube and have two holes
each for fastening to the thwarts. In hoop2 the brackets are twisted
slightly because the thwarts were at a slight angle, but they could be bent
back fairly easily.

Is the same as Hoop2, but only the wire blocks remain. The flanges for the
cleats are still there, but no actual cleats. Brackets are not twisted.
Obviously if you wanted Hoop1 (because of the bracket height), I can swap
the fittings from the other hoop if you want them.

So, dimensions:
Hoop2 has the brackets 8.75 inches from the hole in the flattened end (floor
fixing point), and the distance between the ends (between the holes) is 13.5
Hoop1 has the brackets 11.25 inches from the hole in the flattened end
(floor fixing point), and the distance between the ends (between the holes)
is 14.5 inches.
Both hoops are 11.25 inches across at the top.



I would think they would fit a merlin with minimal mods.

If these are any good to anyone drop John an email jtwhitfieldATbtinternet.com

06/11/2011 08:47:11
Richard Battey
Hi Chris

Could you email the pics please.




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