URGENT NEWS: Chairman (Louise) is doing a runner!

27/10/2011 22:54:46
The Plus One (Mark)
Dear All,

Your (my) Chairman is doing the Great South Run on Sunday in aid of Cancer Research UK and is too modest to ask for help!

So far Lou has done really well and raised over £500, however you can never raise too much for such good causes! The race is on Sunday around the Portsmouth area, please do come along and hurl abuse, or even better ping some spare cash over to Lou's "Just Giving" page (to be honest this option is a lot easier than standing in the rain and cheering for 2 hrs!), link is below.

Thanks all,

The Plus One

28/10/2011 22:17:05
Come on.........some of you must be up for donating to hep such a good cause????? Any small effort would be appreciated.


30/10/2011 14:50:01
Innocent bystander
Completed in 1hr 43.....and raised over £600 for cancer research!

Well done Lou.


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