Thankyou Blithfield

23/10/2011 20:25:34
Fat Boy Slim
Thanks to Blithfield sailing club for a great days sailing and a fabulous Silver Tiller dinner & party!

24/10/2011 19:40:40
Martin, I'll take wine with you and thank Blithfield (and Aeolus) for a great day of racing and a cracking dinner/party

24/10/2011 22:10:03
Tim Male
24/10/2011 22:10:46
Tim Male
24/10/2011 22:28:24
Tim Male
If we had the biggest Silver Tiller turnout of the year, how come so many people didn't come to the after party? It was the same format as the previous 2 years, both of which sold out... No local accomodation? tickets too expensive? school hoidays? credit cruch? answers on a postcard please.

31/10/2011 10:45:58
Chris Martin
quick bump.

If anyone does have any feedback it would be most welcome. We have been asked to host the inlands next year and want to do all we can to maximise turnout!

31/10/2011 11:25:03
By the time you look at two tickets, entry to the open, a bed for the night, taxi to and from the club, drinks and petrol, I worked it out to be costing about £250 to come.

Since I was at work anyway it was a no brainer, but had I not been I still could not have justified that amount when money is so tight at the moment. I am sure we are not the only people in that position right now.

I was nothing personal or against Blithfield where we love to sail. I am sure you guys did a super job.

31/10/2011 17:09:58
Guy 3619
Personaly Credit crunch, mainly why i haven`t completed the Midland series this year, Hopefully next year will be better.

31/10/2011 17:23:38
We are going to try and do a bit more again next year. This year started well but we had to tighten our belts a bit too.

31/10/2011 20:35:31
If you're hosting the inlands, onsite camping and a vintage section please and we'll hope to come up to re-stock the freezer with oatcakes!

31/10/2011 20:59:15
Fat Boy Slim
Onsite camping in cars, vans, tents and the clubhouse floor was available for the Silver Tiller Dinner event and several people made use of this option, it certainly kept the cost down, no B&B or Hotel and no Taxi fare either.
No doubt it will be available for the Inlands in 2012 as it was the last time the club hosted the Inlands.

01/11/2011 08:09:14
Chris Martin
There's a number of things we can look into but we can't unfortunately reduce the cost of travel, or build a local B&B!!

There's no reason why we wouldn't get use of the field for camping, and there are a few ideas being talked about i just wondered if anyone else had any suggestions.


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