Lost Jib at Salcombe

11/07/2011 21:05:50
Hywel jnr
On Saturday this week I lost a DS Jib in the car park whilst we were all rigging to get ready to go over to mill bay. It is in a bag, if anyone has come accross it or found it in there boat unexpectedly could they please return it to me (MR 3647) or give it to John Murrell at the Yacht club, or any Hampton member. I'm having to use a borrowed jib at the moment and will be a bit screwed for the champs if I dont get it back.

My mob number is 07974110709.

Many thanks,
Hywel Perkins

11/07/2011 21:07:03
Hywel jnr
Sorry....their boat.

13/07/2011 11:41:59
Hywel jnr
Mystery solved, thanks all.

13/07/2011 17:33:43
I hear that new jib is so quick you couldn't keep it behind the start line today...


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