B14 National Champ

11/07/2011 19:23:19
Mark Nicholson
Former Rocketeer and all round great beer swilling, face gurning bloke, Mike Bees (and his Ferret) won the B14s!  Well done Mikey! Top man!

14/07/2011 14:53:27
Mark Barnes
Though they had a swim in one manic race, they sailed a very good series, showing good boat speed. When they needed a little roll of the dice, it went for them. A popular win with us in second and Jonny (Stealth or should I say anchor (Wednesday Salcombe)) in 3rd with Tim Harrison. The unlucky team were Dave Hayes and Tom Pygal, breaking their kicker then mast and costing them a top 5 result. 
Great venue and conditions with very close competition.


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