Nats entry website issue

07/07/2011 15:37:46
I got as far as clicking complete before entering card details, and twice it locked up not doing anything. Short of sending cheque off the old fashioned way, any help from HISC would be great. Thanks

07/07/2011 22:22:54
Stupid suggestion, but have you called them? I think they can take entries over the phone. Will email the office and let them know there might be a problem so they can check it.

08/07/2011 09:34:56
Thanks Andrea. I tried again this morning but on a Mac and managed to complete the payment.

08/07/2011 10:17:41
All working OK this morning.

08/07/2011 13:05:19
Glad it worked! I emailed the office and the link is working from their end, but if anyone is having trouble, give HISC a call and they can take entries over the phone. Not long to go!!!


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