Masts down to salcombe

06/07/2011 19:29:10
Pete Nicholson
Will Warren and Richard Page as spoke at Whitstable im bringing your masts down to Salcombe they are both done.  Should be there mid-day ish on sataurday.  Any issues call 07738287120.  1st salcombe cant wait see you down there!

06/07/2011 23:37:41
Richard Page
Thank you very much look forward to settling up in the bar!  See you Saturday.

07/07/2011 15:35:48
Chris J
Pete: Dont forget to take Dave's rudder! He is bound to forget it again...

07/07/2011 19:49:58
Nope it is already in the back of the car - I think!  I'll just nip out and check


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