Money Saving Tip

04/07/2011 20:53:13
Champs Man
Timely reminder to all that Friday is the deadline for discounted to the champs at Hayling.

Don't Delay, Enter Today and save yourself some beer tokens!!!

All coming together to welcome you to HISC, so be sure to come and enjoy the hospitality and the great sailing!

See you at salcombe for the AGM,


06/07/2011 08:36:24
Champs Man

Before you head off to Salcombe....!

See you for the AGM,


06/07/2011 10:52:01
Pat Blake
Graham - the number of entries on our website is a little confusing.
Like there are only 5!
Delving further onto the HISC site there are 33 listed, with some notable exceptions from the 'runners and riders' list - so you are obviously expecting more.
Surely everyone remembers what a briliant time we had at Hayling 5 years ago.
Bonfires on the beach come to mind - but perhaps I shouldn't remind the organising authorities of these things!

06/07/2011 11:22:58
'Bonfires on the beach come to mind' - I don't think is was the bonfires that they objected to so much as the chanting, naked dancing and blood sacrifices to ensure a breeze on the following day...or I could be wrong!

08/07/2011 17:07:39
Champs Man

Still just time to save those BV's!

Just visit and follow the link - v easy and quick...



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