Salcombe Week Royal Visit!

30/06/2011 10:01:22
John Murrell
Yup! We are being graced by the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall on Monday 11th July.

As with all Royal visits there will be an enormous amount of security as well as a number of road closures. Whitestrand will also be closed from Sunday evening until after the Royal couple depart.

We will have full details available at the briefing on Saturday evening but please be aware that on the Monday you will have to allow a lot of time to get to either Batson or Millbay and as to carrying kit bags, possibly that’s not a good idea!!!

30/06/2011 10:12:47
Don't they know that Salcombe isn't in Cornwall?

30/06/2011 10:25:10
John, do you know if they are there in the am or pm? Weather dependant, it may be an idea to swap out old Uncle Jessie for Kate... 

Would you mind awfully popping in a royal request for her to bring her wetsuit pse?

30/06/2011 10:30:40
John Murrell
Doh! - 'tis the Cornwalls, not the Cambridges but then I suppose that that Southern rednecks wouldn't know the difference ........................

I am not sure Camilla would be too keen on the fromt of a Merlin though I will ask!

30/06/2011 10:30:45
Nicholas Witchell
I think you may have your duchesses confused! No one needs to see the Duchess of Cornwall in a wetsuit...

30/06/2011 11:58:45
Dang nab it!

(Camilla would still be an improvement on Uncle Jessie!!!)

30/06/2011 13:29:13
Ahhh!! I'm arriving Sunday eve, (travelling after another championship) and need to gain access with a double stacker. Is there a plan for such an occurrence???

30/06/2011 13:37:11
Here is the info on the official website.
30/06/2011 14:19:15
Rhoda Gorrocks
Some one had better tell megans owner to wear a belt this year! we dont want any cross border diplomatic incidents

30/06/2011 14:28:04
Duchess of Devonshire
Has Salcombe been moved to Cornwall then? that cheeky Charley!

30/06/2011 14:45:42
Do they know about the Fairway

30/06/2011 15:54:20
Mrs Tosh
I wonder if they'll bar dive?

30/06/2011 17:31:25
I notice from the  official website that there is only one fisherman in Salcombe - "... touring the town and its harbour, meeting local traders, fisherman and residents."

I new fishing was in decline but have the sailors overwhelmed the fish catchers to that extent?

30/06/2011 17:50:42
East Portlemouth Gestapo
They won't be landing their helicopter on Mill Bay Beach, and their Rolls Royce can't come down our road before 19.00hrs.

30/06/2011 20:55:38
I would feel, that Camilla, may be a little to slow to front end a MR, however, It would be a great giggle on YouTube.  It would be great to see the Duchess of Cambridge in a dinghy, but as she is now taken, can we have her sister stand in, on her behalf instead???  I know of a classic Merlin, with a classic helm, that may be interested, but I would just have to teach her the basics first!!! (Hey, who do I think I am, an Uffa Fox of this century?!?!, with the exception of being a great boat designer, great sailor, and a generally good egg in total!!)

Are Charles and Camilla, coming to visit Salcombe, at this time, because they have heard of the legendary Merlin's at Salcombe??? I think we need to be told!!

Jon Thompson

30/06/2011 21:36:02
S. Whippet
Duke,   Mondays race will be yours. Stay on the Mill Bay side - the rest will be on the Town side gawping at Charles having a few pints in the Ferry. Clear wind - lovely!

30/06/2011 22:34:26
Dave P
er........many of us park our ferry boats on Whitestrand does this mean we will not be able to get over to Millbay?? Happy to give the Duke & Duchess a lift over if they want one.
Can't escape Royalty......part our trip in Oz last year was messed up by Oprah Winfrey visiting Syndey....(and I hate OW!).

30/06/2011 22:45:01
John Murrell
Dave, you could be spot on..........

Try dressing Jen up as Camilla and you could get through security as her goffer...........

01/07/2011 11:33:02
If we can't park the boats on Whitestrand Sunday night will there be somewhere else to put them ?

01/07/2011 11:33:58
Just out of interest, is there any plan in place to enable people to get over to Mill Bay?  How much of a problem is this likely to be?

01/07/2011 14:23:12
John Murrell
The current plan is to borrow the Royal helio whilst they aren't using it. The only problem is that it will cause a bit of downdraught when coming into Millbay so boats will have to be well lashed down (but you do that already don't you!!)and you might get a bit of sand in your picnic boxes too...................

01/07/2011 18:49:39
roll on the republic!!!!!

01/07/2011 20:32:14
One is not amused by some of these comments about ones son and daughter in law. I may have to order a Royal Navy ship into Salcombe Monday week to anchor on the SYC start line to sort out the men and women from the boys and girls.

01/07/2011 20:39:30
Pass de douchy on d left hand side

01/07/2011 20:49:16
ex RN
last time we tried to get Cambletown over the Bar we had to call the Baltic Exchange to sort out the mess.

01/07/2011 23:02:01
Geoff Wright
John can't you arrange it with Lofty to provide a Royal Navy escort for the merlin fleet of tenders to ensure our civil liberties are not infringed-he's done a good job likewise in Benghazi?

01/07/2011 23:09:32
ex Pongo
Didn't think the Navy had any ships left (lots of admirals though)

02/07/2011 14:44:41
Someone I met on a friends yacht some while ago,had a gattling gun load of anecdotes, one of which was he was sailing in a regatta on the Solent and called water on Uffa Fox and Prince Philip(or maybe his story encompassed himself sailing with Fox, not sure)anyway he reckoned The Duke said what the b'ell are you ding calling water, my wife owns the b water...

02/07/2011 19:54:38
European Wing
I noticed there are around 105 Merlins registered for next week's event; whatever happened to the old 92? boat limit, to get around which the 6 flight system was used when we last came, but proved unpopular.

05/07/2011 15:34:16
Geoff Wright
I expect some of these late entries will be royal security you might be able to spot fictitioua names on the entry lists but their performance on the water could prove the biggest giveaway?

05/07/2011 19:50:15
It would be wonderful if either of the visiting royals would start/finish one of the races while they are there, has this been suggested?

06/07/2011 14:10:35
Dan Alsop
Please can anyone make an informative response to the very sensible enquiry about alternative mooring for the tenders which are usually moored at Whitestrand?
Thanks, Dan Alsop

06/07/2011 14:19:30
Is the NoR online?

06/07/2011 14:24:08
Keith Callaghan
Dan, I've just phoned the Harbour Office and they have confirmed that pedestrian access to and from the pontoon at Whitestrand will not be impacted by the royal visit on Monday morning. Incidentally, the royal couple will start their visit at Whitestrand, so presumably they will away from there before 10:00.

06/07/2011 14:54:22
found under entry form?
06/07/2011 15:53:58
Just received this from Salcombe Holiday homes:

Salcombe Town Council
Cliff House • Cliff Road • Salcombe
South Devon • TQ8 8JQ
Telephone / Facsimile: (01548) 842282
Email: [email protected]
Town Clerk: Gill Claydon

28th June 2011.

This is to notify you that Salcombe town will be receiving a Royal Visit from Prince Charles and Lady Camilla on Monday 11th July 2011. As you will be aware this is a very special privilege which will undoubtedly promote the town, its community and of course businesses and be of significant benefit.

However in order to host this visit it is acknowledged that changes will need to be made to the normal pattern of your day and there will be some disruption experienced. Town Council hope that you will be able to work with them to make this a special day and seek your understanding that some changes will need to be made to any proposed deliveries and disposal of rubbish.

The road will be closed by the police/security from Market Street at the junction with Shadycombe through to the junction of Cliff Road and Devon Road from 9.30a.m. to 12noon. Island Street will be closed from 9.30a.m. to 1p.m. Please be aware that if you have parking within your property you will not be able to access it during the closures. It is suggested that deliveries are not planned for this day but if unavoidable they will need to have arrived and departed before 9.30a.m. or not arrive until after the closures are lifted. Police will limit the access down Onslow Road from the main A381 only whilst the Royal couple are driven down and again when they are returned to their helicopter landing.

Whitestrand car park will be closed off from Sunday evening 10th July till the Royal visit has departed the next day and the area is cleared, this is expected to be until about 1 o’clock.

Please can we ask for your co-operation in ensuring that no litter from your property is left out over night neither on Sunday nor on the Monday morning so as to make the street cleaners clearance easier for this visit.

If you have any questions please either email the town council on the above email or make contact with any councillor, details of contact on the town council website.

Best wishes for the coming season.

Yours sincerely,
Town Mayor OR Town Clerk??????


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