Midland Circuit Results after Trent Valley and Earlswood

30/06/2011 09:59:35
The latest results can be found by following the link below.

5 qualifiers so far led by Chris Martin and Ben Hendon but another 33 can qualify if they do the remaining events in the autumn.

Several well known runners & riders will change things if they get a non-Silver Tiller result in the autumn. A dark horse coming up on the rails is Paul Hollis in his brand new Beer Sweat and Tears who has just won at Earlswood.

03/07/2011 20:02:44
Fat Pig
Surely the lower rankings aren't right?  How is James Clark ahead of Jim Hopton (sorry James) or Martin James ahead of Peter Browne?

04/07/2011 10:55:47
No idea - I suspect that the answer is that none of us actually looked too closely at the results that far down the table.  Will do so and correct as required.


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