lost at whitstable

26/06/2011 21:05:19
william warren
I have lost a musto soft shell jacket in black from the changing rooms in whitstable this weekend, could you check your sailing kit as it may have been picked up by mistake? please could you let me know if you have it? many thanks william

27/06/2011 08:41:38
Mike Fitzpatrick
Hi William. We fished a Henry Lloyd blackspraytop out of the lumpy sea on saturday and I hung it on the Tally Board on Sunday morning. It disappeared, asssumed claimed. Perhaps someone has the wrong one?

27/06/2011 09:26:31
Hi Mike, the spraytop was Nicola Brook's and returned to her.

Note I also managed to drop a right hand PB glove, size M. Grey and black. Probably in the changing room not too far from the showers. If found could someone bring to Salcombe?

Thanks, Ross

27/06/2011 17:00:40
Mrs Tosh
Not sure Ross, but I think we may have that. I'll have a root around. It's in the garage..... somewhere!

28/06/2011 11:43:44

28/06/2011 13:13:43
Try this:

28/06/2011 16:22:17
What went on? why so many r a f?

28/06/2011 19:35:01
Nothing went on other than we had a great sail.  Technical hitch with the tally boxes Ian - should probably be shown as DNF - same points though and no one complained at the time!

28/06/2011 22:13:19
Ben 3634
Report on it's way, Ian, sorry for any delay.

29/06/2011 09:06:51
Puzzled as to what went on at Whitstable...
Ross loses his gloves in the shower, and _Mrs_ Tosh finds them??

29/06/2011 10:43:43
Ah well when it come to lost / found /left-behind the Tosh clan will not be far away!

29/06/2011 10:49:15
Mrs Tosh
Thank you! The lastest is Joe's wetsuit at Draycote and the boat cover at Upper Thames....

29/06/2011 11:51:27
Sadly it wasn't my glove which is still missing if anyone finds it at the club

29/06/2011 14:03:57
If it wasn't your glove that is still missing what is still missing?  This will help us help you find it ;-)

29/06/2011 15:41:48
Mrs Tosh
what Ross means is that the glove that I found in in our stuff wasn't his hence his is still lost. It also means that someone else is a glove short!

29/06/2011 16:43:04
Sadly it wasn't my glove, which is still missing if anyone finds it at the club


29/06/2011 18:55:42
I will have a look.  P&B grey RH (m)

30/06/2011 09:26:06
Thanks Jim!

30/06/2011 09:26:43
John even. Need more coffee, few beers last night....


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