Boom Band(s)

21/06/2011 14:35:49
As I don't wish to fall foul of the 'Guardians of All That is Good and True' (aka the Scrutineers) at the Nationals, thought I'd check to make sure that I put my missing boom black/white/contrasting-band back in the right place. Rule 7.c.iii, which seems to be the relevant rule, doesn't give a locating dimension but does forbid me from pulling my sail out past it...wherever it may be located!

Can anybody, politely, tell me where to stick it? Failing a sensible answer which I don't have to report to the Moderator, I shall just measure somebody else's boom and put it there - hoping, of course, that their's is in the right place!

21/06/2011 14:41:34
It should say on your cirtificate what the foot measurement of the sail should be. That is where your band should be placed.

21/06/2011 14:43:10
Chris m
I must admit I compared mine to an identical boat with the same mast and put it in the same place. Id have to refresh my memory on the exact wording but im pretty sure its 2503mm from the luff track extended down to the gooseneck if necessary. It is not measured from the tack end of the boom.

21/06/2011 16:50:45
Champs Man
Bang on Mr M...

Couldn't have put it more succinctly myself...


21/06/2011 17:17:19
Thanks All,

Now where did I put that Tippex?

21/06/2011 20:53:09
Chris M
Best wat to stop it wearing off is to spray it on with aerosol car primer and then two pack varnish over top. I last did mine 4 years ago. Saves the inevitable messing about pre champs!!


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