Ebay Bargain

20/06/2011 21:20:23
Chris I
3249 Hull only currently on eBay
or just go to ebay.co.uk and type Merlin Rocket in the search box.
Looks worth saving.

21/06/2011 07:24:55
Chris M
Having seen the boat it is saveable but a massive project.

It needs:

New decks, inwhales and gunwhales.
Outer veneer on the transom, or a new transom.
Tank top stripping (easy enough with the deck off.)
Centreboard case reglueing to hog.
Total strip and repaint/varnish.

On the plus side it is - or was - dry and there is no obvious sign of rot. It has a decent mast, boom and combi trailer.

It would be a good boat to save, i beleive she ws quick in her day.


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