19/06/2011 18:58:28
Rod & Jo Sceptical
Can someone tell me how wide a modern Merlin is?

19/06/2011 20:46:52
Rob H
max beam 2200 or 7ft 2"

19/06/2011 21:12:31
Rod & Jo Sceptical
Hi Rob, I wasn't really asking about maximum beam, but what a Winder CT or for e.g. your dreamship measures. For all I know, it may be the same; I just have nothing to measure against here, and the question arose because people see the big difference between our 1620 & 2988, and ask where it's gone today.

BTW, I have loosely arranged with Keith to have an off-race ride in Wicked at Salcombe, exchanged against the same in Foreign Affaire, formerly Hysteria, and before that Keith's own Moonshadow(1974).


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